Lopevi Volcano | Dr John Seach
Malampa Province, Vanuatu


16.50 S, 168.34 E
summit elevation 1413 m

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Lopevi is the most visually impressive volcano in Vanuatu. It's steep stratovolcano shape rises steeply from the Pacific Ocean southwest of Ambrym Island. Lopevi is one of the most active volcanoes in Vanuatu and is rarely visited. Lopevi volcano previously had two villages but the island was evacuated in 1960's due to ongoing volcanic activity.

Lopevi volcano is noted for the periodic eruptions which produce a wide variety of eruption types. The island is not inhabited, but ash eruptions may deposit ash on the neighbouring islands of Ambrym, Epi, and Paama.

2019 Unrest
Lopevi was at level 2 alert (out of maximum 5) in 2019. Unrest consistes of raised seismic activity and steam emission from the crater.

2017 Unrest
On 13th January 2017 Lopevi volcano was raised to level 3 alert (on scale of 1-5).

Lopevi is subject to cultural restrictions which prohibit women from climbing the volcano.

Lopevi volcano - John Seach

lopevi volcano
Lopevi volcano - John Seach

Lopevi volcano - John Seach

Lopevi crater in 2000 - John Seach

Lopevi island
Lopevi Island, Vanuatu - John Seach

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